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How to restore your Telegram correspondence in a few clicks

How can you restore your Telegram messages if they have been accidentally or deliberately deleted? Sometimes you need to find the data from messages that have been deleted and telegram beurette.

Is it possible to restore messages in Telegram
Performing the action of restoring erased messages in the application is not possible. It’s all about confidentiality – the most important difference from other messengers (and, it must be said, its main advantage). Therefore, the question of how and whether it is possible to restore correspondence in Telegram after deletion is over.

The thing is that, if the smartphone falls into the hands of an attacker, the latter in this case will not be able to know anything of the deleted messages. For this reason, the messenger is very popular. There is another function in the application – the secret chat, where the correspondence is deleted independently when the timer expires. In such chats, it is impossible to restore the correspondence in Telegram – as it is possible, for example, in WhatsApp, if you set the function of backup copies of chats.

So, when deleting messages, you need to be fully confident in your decision and understand the consequences. However, if messages have been deleted from only one side and remained with another user, you can ask him to resend the desired message that has been erased. This is the only option on how you can restore deleted messages in Telegram.

Why you cannot recreate deleted messages in Telegram
It should be explained how it becomes impossible to restore messages:

the messenger uses MTProto encryption, and as soon as the user destroys messages, they are automatically deleted from the server as well;
if a secret chat is used, in this case, the messages do not even reach the server. For this reason, the answer to the question whether it is possible to restore the deleted correspondence in such a chat in Telegram becomes obvious. In this case, end-to-end encryption is used;
all messages, if we talk about the standard, not secret chat, go to the server in encrypted form;
it is impossible to undo an action after clearing the message history, so you should be careful with such manipulations, so that you do not have to think later about how to restore the necessary correspondence in Telegram, which you have deleted.
The most important distinguishing feature of the application is confidentiality. Thus, in 2015, the Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF awarded Telegram a score of 4 out of 7. At the same time, this is the highest score among other messengers. Other applications famous for their security, such as Signal, CryptoCat, and Silent Phone, have the same score.

The question of how to restore correspondence in Telegram is asked not only by users who want to recreate messages, but also by those who hunt for personal data. By the way, Mxit is recognized as the worst in terms of security (0 points), not far behind Skype, Viber, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger and some other applications (they scored 1 point).

Those who think that it is easy to restore correspondence in Telegram after deletion, should clarify that it is possible only if the encryption keys are stolen. It is not easy to do, and often impossible. This is the only way to get access to old messages.

Exporting data
Telegram has a data export option. This makes it possible to save the chat, and then restore the correspondence. To do this, you need to follow a simple algorithm:

Open the desktop version of the application.
Press the button located in the upper left corner (designated as three bars).
Select the “Settings” option, then open the “Advanced Settings”.
Open the “Privacy & Security” submenu, then “Export Data”.
Select the type of files you want to export, then specify where you want to save them and the desired format.

This function of Telegram allows you to transfer data instead of restoring correspondence. So, you can export:

nickname, login, phone number;
picture and avatar;
dialogs with users and general chats;
channel list, as well as contacts, groups, bots;
multimedia files;
active sessions.

It should be borne in mind that this option allows you to restore the correspondence in Telegram only on PC, it is not possible to do this on Android or Apple. As noted above, you can do this only if the encryption keys have been stolen – and to do this, you need to be a genius hacker.


In order not to later wonder how to restore the Telegram correspondence on your computer or phone, you should simply follow some recommendations:

to skim the messages and then delete them. You can choose where to save the picture as both a PC and a smartphone. By the way, if you make a screenshot of messages in a secret chat, the second user will be notified about it;
as already mentioned, it is not possible to restore erased messages in Telegram, but you can use some smart tricks. For example, forward the desired message to Saved Messages or another user, and then delete messages;
read and remember the text of the message to be deleted;
You can also delete messages from your own account only (without checking “also delete for [username]”), though this action will not help you recover your Telegram correspondence. Subsequently, you can ask your interlocutor to resend you the message that was deleted from one side – he still has the messages, after all.
Separately, we should talk about how to return a chat in Telegram from the archive (it is impossible to restore correspondence from the archive). To do this, you need to:

Go to the archive.
Swipe from right to left on the name of the desired chat.
Click the “Restore” button.
Note: It’s worth bearing in mind that usually, if someone offers options on how to restore deleted Telegram correspondence, saying that it requires manipulations like clicking on a link – most likely, they are scammers.

As we have already seen, in order to do this, you need to steal >encryption keys, which only an ingenious hacker can do. We have found out that it is impossible to restore your erased Telegram correspondence, which means that you should not respond to such offers. Fraudsters, gaining access to confidential data, may well take advantage of the money or delete personal information of the user.