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Multiple content types to suit everyone

Humor (that feeling when customers selling sausages and tango premium videos are asked to come up with creative ads without vulgarity to promote their Instagram account)
Cats (take your product, for example, an acrylic bath, and put a cat in it. It works in absolutely any subject. You can enhance the effect by borrowing a couple of puppies from friends)
Games (guess how much Olya’s accountant weighs? The one who names the closest figure will receive a 10% discount on accounting services for a year. Do not forget to clarify before publishing whether Olya is ready to disclose this information);
Voting (let’s decide together what color pen to order to manager Serezha. Black – write 1 in the comments, blue – write 2);
A story about the history of your company (and then Max and I opened the third bottle of cognac and decided that it was time to stir up something);
Questions that everyone has something to answer (does the red thong on the chandelier affect the well-being of the family or not);
Contests (continue the thought: “if I were a green wooden fence, 2 meters high, then …”. The author of the most original comment – one linear meter of the fence as a gift);
Customer reviews (after I gave the girl a bouquet of 101 roses from Best Bouquets of St. Petersburg on the second date, she did not wait for the third date.